Coppa Event – 6th December 2016!

Who are CoPPA?

CoPPA are an organisation founded in 2012 it has grown nationally and now hosts several sub regional groups.

What do they do?

  • Form of discussion
  • Ascertation and repersent views of members in relation to their professional interests
  • Protect and promote efficeiency of courts in England and Wales in dealing with matters relating to the court of protection
  • Help further the understanding and development of the COP, Mental Capacity and Mental Health Law
  • Develop the facilitlity in England and Wales for the coduct of cases in the COP
  • Develop the advancement of education of the public and to further and improve the knowledge of all persons involved

What is the event on 6th December?

It is an evening of dicussion and debate in relation to S.21A proceedings and the challanges faced by practioners acting for both supervision bodies, family members, relevent people, repersenatives and protected party. This is being chaired by the District Judge Bellamy.

The event will be held at Clarion Solicitors Elizabeth House 13-19 Queen St Leeds LS1 2TW and starts at 5pm.