Does living next to a busy road increase the risk of Alzheimers?

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An article by Express&Star has looked into if living next to busy road can increase the risk of Alzheimers. They have found that Scientists who has tracked more than 6 million adults in Canada for about 11 years found that clear trend with Dementia increases and this is rising with those who live nearer to main roads. Compared with those whose homes were more than 300 metres away, people living within 50 metres of heavy traffic had a 7% higher risk of developing dementia.

''The increase in risk fell to 4% for residents living 50 to 100 metres from a busy road, and 2% at 101 to 200 metres. At more than 200 metres there was no evidence of a link with the condition''.

Being a resident in a big city or never moving to one caused figures to boost, for people in these catergoires living less than 50 metres away from a main road a 12% increase occoured in the Dementia risk. The differences found were small but still important, however the results added to previous experiments that long-term exposure to air pollution and traffic noise may contibute to brain strinkage and mental impairment.

They also mentioned that another experiment suggested a clear link between Dementia and exposure to common traffic pollutions, nitorgen dioxde and fine particals caused from Diseal car engines.

Lead Scientist in the investigation Dr Hong Chen, has said: ' our findings show the closer you live to roads with heavy day-to-day traffic, the greater the risk of developing Dementia. He has also said due to the widespread exposure to traffic and the greater tendency for people who live in the city these days. this has serious health implications.

This is a very serious thing to consider due to the increasing population and people requiring treatment for Dementia in the UK. This should be considered as possible risk as this is unlikely to effect everyone who lives in the city but it's important to know the risks and the implications around all possible causes of this disease.

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