Health & Welfare Case Study

Health and Welfare Mental Capacity Assessment

Steven was a 44 year old gentleman with a learning disability. He was living at home with his mother and working 3 mornings per week in the local supermarket. Steven also suffered from epilepsy and drank at least two bottles of wine per day.

We were contacted by Steven’s mother who informed us that the local authority had decided to withdraw their support for Steven due to his drinking, its effect on his behaviour and their belief that he had capacity to make decisions relating to his alcohol use and his overall health and welfare.

After spending time with Steven, it was apparent that he did not have the necessary understanding regarding his alcohol use or his epilepsy to be able to make decisions regarding his overall health and welfare.

Our report was submitted to the local authority who subsequently reinstated Steven’s care and began working with him to help him better understand things relating to his health and welfare.

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