Social Media Case Study

Social Media and Sexual Relationships

Kirsty was a 22 yr old lady that suffered a severe brain injury. Prior to her injury she was prolific on social media, regularly posting pictures of herself and documenting her activities and travels. However, since her injury she had struggled to maintain her friendships and had begun using social media to try to find new friends.

Kirsty mentioned to her carers that she had met a person online that she wanted to meet – on showing his profile picture, it appeared to be of a celebrity. Kirsty mentioned that this individual was asking her for several thousand pounds to help with a court case and was promising to pay her back once the court case was won. Kirsty’s carers were concerned that Kirsty was vulnerable and didn’t understand that this might be a scam.

We assessed Kirsty and it was evident that Kirsty was not able to understand that the person she was talking to may not be the person they said they were. Nor did she understand that they might be lying about the court case and that she may not get back the money if she gave it to them. It was felt that Kirsty lacked capacity to use social media.

However, it was felt that social media was an important way of Kirsty connecting with people and so, following a best interest meeting, it was agreed to support Kirsty in her use of the internet and social media rather than just stop her having access altogether.

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