Anne Thomas

Anne Thomas
Managing Director
Head Office, Stroud

I joined TSF in August 2019 to bring in strategy, sales, marketing, digital and operational
expertise for growth of the Company over the coming years.

I have built businesses of my own from the ground up to significant revenue and leading
status in respective industries. I have worked as a consultant to implement successful
growth strategy and funding for others. I started my career in HR and operational
management, gaining CIPD and CMI Dip Management & Leadership.

I am fundamentally motivated by the belief that we are on the verge of a cultural change
driven towards the protection of this planet and its inhabitants rather than by greed, with
CSR at the epicentre of the shift.

I enjoy life and the challenges it brings, and I passionately advocate to prevent animal
cruelty. I am blessed with a beautiful daughter and take great pleasure in the simplest
things with my significant other, like country walks with my adored Great Dane. I love our
connection with the past and find time to research local history and family trees.
TSF has an incredibly committed team and huge potential to deliver on its mission to
create a global authority of excellence through its values of respect, dignity, knowledge,
empathy and compassion.

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