Mental Capacity Assessor

Qualified Occupational Therapist
Registered with HCPC and the Royal College of Occupational Therapists

I have built a diverse experience in health care settings, specialising in Mental Health and Learning disabilities in particular, since 2007, which has included a step down recovery placement
for adults with learning disabilities, vocational rehabilitation, an inpatient ward for those diagnosed with Dementia and RNID older persons amongst others.

Within each of these roles, as well as my position in TSF Consultants, I have been assessing mental capacity in line with the MCA (2005). In my NHS work I was frequently involved in assessing
mental capacity for many specific decisions, such as consent to therapeutic treatment, placement decisions, care planning, information sharing and many more.

In my current role, as a Mental Capacity Assessor for TSF Consultants, I have received complex training taking my assessment skills for mental capacity to the next level, looking in-depth at a broad range of financial and legal decisions. I have specialist skills in facilitating understanding and communication to maximise a person’s decision-making ability, further leading me to commence my Masters in Mental Health as of January 2020.

Due to my passion for maximising independence, promoting people’s voices in decisions and upholding our core Occupational Therapy values, I took on this role working for TSF Consultants, in which I firmly believe in using a therapeutic approach, transferring my knowledge of personalised grading and adapting skills to aid each assessment to support our clients.