Danielle Roberts

Danielle Roberts
Quality Monitoring Officer, Mental Capacity Assessor and Trainer
NW London and the Thames Valley

Qualified Speech and Language Therapist with specialisms in acquired neurological disorders

Registered with HCPC and the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists


I am a registered Speech and Language Therapist with ten years of experience assessing mental capacity in line with the MCA (2005), as part of NHS roles and subsequently my role with TSF Consultants.

I specialise in working with adults with acquired neurological disorders, such as traumatic brain injury, stroke, dementia and motor neurone disease. In my NHS work I was frequently involved in assessing mental capacity for life sustaining feeding decisions.

In my current role, as a Specialist Mental Capacity Assessor, I have further developed my experience so that I am proficient at assessing mental capacity for a broad range of financial and legal decisions. I have specialist skills in facilitating understanding and communication to maximise a person’s decision-making ability.

I am passionate about facilitating the most vulnerable persons in society to have a voice for their opinions and decisions. This compelled me to become a Speech and Language Therapist and led me to specialise in mental capacity.