TSF Continue Their Expansion With Assessor For London

Note taking using a laptop

Continuing to expand their team, TSF are pleased to announce the appointment of their newest member.

Joining the role of specialist Mental Capacity Assessor for London, Joanne Holder is set to bring a wide range of key experience to the position.

Coming from a strong background in speech and language therapy, Joanne has continued to build an integral awareness of the impact which deteriorating communication can have on quality of life, developing a passion to empower and support those to maximise their engagement with life.

Throughout her career, mental capacity assessment has formed an integral part of Joanne’s role and her interest; whether it be leading on assessments in relation to eating and drinking or creating accessible supporting materials for a social worker’s capacity assessment, her position as a speech and language therapist has always supported the capacity assessment process, and in turn, her expertise.

Keen to expand her knowledge further as well as share her own experience and skills, Joanne joined TSF in 2017 as a specialist in communication, promoting the value of speech therapy within mental capacity assessment. Her initial experience with TSF – enabling her to build awareness of the industry and forge strong industry connections – formed the basis of her interest and ongoing drive to progress with the support of the business.

Expressing her enthusiasm for her new role, Joanne said: “I am excited to be part of a team which is shaping the future of mental capacity assessment both nationwide and internationally. One of my key objectives is to educate other professionals in supporting people with communication impairments to engage in decision making, to ensure that we are empowering individuals in the decision-making process.”